Belgrade Swingin' Exchange 2023

29/9 - 1/10

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About the exchange

The Belgrade Swingin' Exchange is a lindy hoppers' city break in Belgrade, Serbia. A long weekend of dancing, exploring the city and having entirely too much fun.

Includes three days of parties, taster classes and lively daytime activities!

Join us on a guided tour of the city's historical district to hear a few intriguing stories about its eclectic heritage, try delicious local food in a traditional tavern, dance to a live band on a charming riverboat with a breathtaking view of the Sava river and Belgrade Fortress (not to mention an open bar!) and experience the fusion of old world and modern that the Serbian capital is known for.

Organized by the Jazz Social Club, Belgrade Swingin' Exchange is a great way for swing dancers and jazz lovers alike to experience what Belgrade has to offer. This year, it will be held from 29 September to 1 October.

Photo credit: Dragan Radojevic (@dragan_radojevic)
Music & events

Little Basie

Formed in early 2020 at the initiative of jazz guitarist and arranger Antoine Laudière, Little Basie pays tribute to one of the greatest composers and arrangers of the last century - Count Basie.

For more than a decade, Laudière has been an arranger with a diverse range of jazz bands, including the vocal jazz group Shades, and has taken up the challenge of adapting a timeless big band repertoire to a septet.

Why Basie? Considered one of the most emblematic jazz bandleaders of the 20th century, Basie’s music is recognizable both for the quality of his arrangements and compositions, and for the talent of the musicians he chose with great care. The band Little Basie celebrates this timeless music, whose swing gives you an irresistible urge to spring to your feet and which undeniably belongs to the jazz heritage.

Accomplished and versatile artists with a playful curiosity and openness for improvisation, they have played for dancers across France and Luxembourg, spreading contagious smiles all over the dancefloor.

DJ Alright

DJ Alright (AUT) plays everything that makes you wanna dance. Listening to all kinds of jazz music since childhood (thanks dad!), DJ Alright is always on the mission to provide you with the hottest, rompin’ and stompin’ tunes in town.

DJ Dora

A rising star of the local scene (if you were at the BSX last year, chances are you've danced with her), DJ Dora (SRB) may be young but her taste in music is seasoned, choosing tunes that will be sure to tickle your feet and keep you on the dancefloor until the wee hours.

Photo credit: Dragan Radojevic (@dragan_radojevic)

DJ Aleš

DJ Aleš (SLO) has been a professional DJ for over 10 years, playing at clubs and major dance events. His musical background (in four bands, a symphonic orchestra, and vocal groups) differently influences his perception of music. A swing dancer, teacher and events organizer himself, not to mention president of Vintage Swing dance school in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he is open to music and knows what it takes to make a good party.


Guided Walking Tour Of Historical Belgrade

The first in line of our daily events is a walking tour of the city where our exchange is being held, Belgrade. On Saturday, join us in taking in the sights and sounds of the very heart of the capital of Serbia with a professional guide. Learn about the rich history of the city and feel like a local walking around its famous landmarks - including the quaint cathedral and imposing Kalemegdan fortress overlooking the Sava river with our main party venue right across. You can also expect some surprises along the way!

Lunch In A Traditional "Kafana"

Sights, sounds and now taste - our second daily event is going to lunch together! On Saturday, right after the guided tour of historical Belgrade, we'll head to the cozy Konoba Akustik Stari Beograd to get a taste of the food Serbia is renowned for, and soak in the traditional "kafana" atmosphere.

(Note that this is not part of any pass but is paid separately -
20 EUR/2400 RSD, and both full and party pass holders can register for it; the number of places is limited so make sure to apply in time.)


Ada Mall Movie Matinee

On Sunday, to recharge after our main Saturday night party, another daytime event awaits us at Ada mall!

To kick it off, we’ll have a private movie screening in the mall’s state-of-the-art Cinestar cinema.
Afterwards, we can dance on the neighboring rooftop bar with an amazing view of Belgrade or just enjoy the fresh air and give our feet some well-deserved rest on the nearby Ada river island before the last party.

Stay tuned for more info about the movie screening!


Jana Wälchli & Miha Žabkar

Jana Wälchli (CH) and Miha Žabkar (SLO) are both passionate swing dance teachers - with Jana teaching lindy hop in Bern and Miha blues in Ljubljana. After meeting years ago at a dance festival, they have been dancing together ever since at all kinds of events. When it comes to dancing, they especially like the playfulness, the small and precise movements and of course – moving to the music.

At BSX, they will be teaching a blues taster, where they will share their love for blues dance and show how beautiful it is to dance close and slow.

For them, the most magical moments are when the music transitions to a slower mood after a long and energetic night of lindy hop.

Dasha Belokurova

Getting her start in boogie woogie in 2010, Dasha Belokurova (RUS) has been exploring the world of swing dancing ever since. Today, she dances a variety of styles: lindy hop, solo jazz, balboa, blues - and cannot make a choice in favor of just one. In 2015, Dasha and her close friends founded Summertime Swing which became the biggest swing dance club and school in Saint Petersburg. Just a year later, she started teaching herself, and is always happy to share her passion for jazz dancing.

As she also has a degree in teaching, Dasha's lessons are equal parts fun and efficient when it comes to the learning process, and her approach focuses on teaching people, and not a lesson plan. She especially enjoys exploring dancing and body movement with her students and is eager to share her tips on improvisation. At the BSX, Dasha will treat us to a special solo jazz taster class.

Photo credit: Summertime Swing

Nejc Zupan

An experienced teacher and performer, Nejc Zupan (SLO) started dancing swing in 2003 as a result of his contemporary dance experience and profound love for jazz music. He started spreading his passion for lindy hop and balboa throughout Slovenia in the early 2000's, and even used his knowledge and skill to help get the swing scene in Belgrade off the ground.

Nejc has been teaching various swing dances including lindy hop, balboa, charleston and blues - first on his own across Slovenia and now at Studio Dansa dance school.

Always enthusiastic about sharing his love of swing, he travels extensively to teach at international workshops and take part in competitions, of which he won many (Lindy shock, Rock that swing - to name just a few).

He is particularly focused on jazz body movement, control and musicality, all of which are quintessential to any swing dance.

At the BSX, he will be teaching a lindy hop taster class.

Photo credit: Nastasia Velichko (@carrrot_)

Teodora Stanojević & Natalija Stevanović

To top off the full Serbian experience, we'll learn the Moravac, one of the oldest and most popular traditional circle dances, developed in the 19th century in towns and villages on the Morava river in Central Serbia. With over 30 different steps, variations and rhythmic patterns, it starts at a slower tempo, but gradually picks up speed and energy, challenging both dancers' feet and minds!

The Moravac taster class will be held by our own Teodora Stanojević and Natalija Stevanović (SRB). Versatile dancers and performers from an early age, with a background in a range of styles from folk dancing to classical ballet to swing, Teodora and Natalija are excited to show us their outside-the-box approach to dancing.

Fun fact: A volunteer at last year's BSX, Teodora is part of this year's organization team.



Introducing our party venue for Friday and Saturday- Vizantija, one of Belgrade's finest floating river clubs! Come to the BSX and dance till you can't feel your feet on the very confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers within full view of the Belgrade Fortress. The charming and unique ambience of this river raft will make you want to come back for more! See for yourself how crazy Belgrade parties can be - it's a one-of-a-kind experience you won't want to miss.

Photo credit: Dragan Radojevic (@dragan_radojevic)

Strogi Centar

To get the weekend started in style, we'll have a pre-party on Thursday, 28 September at one of the coolest bars in Belgrade - Strogi centar. This hidden gem right in the heart of the city has long been one of Serbian dancers' favorite spots. Come and find out why!


Tango Natural

We proudly present our Sunday party venue - Tango Natural! Don't let the name fool you, this is very much a spot where Belgrade's swing dancers also gather regularly. With a chill atmosphere, a fun decor and, of course, plenty of room for dancing, it's the perfect place to spend the final night of the BSX.

(Please bear in mind that the floor is very fast and bring the appropriate shoes.)

Photo credit: Nastasia Velichko (@carrrot_)

Quinta Wine Bar

If you're arriving in Belgrade early on Friday, 29 September, join us for a meet and greet at the stylish Quinta Wine Bar, nestled in the charming historic Dorćol district. Come pick up your wristband early, try some select wines, chat, relax and rest your feet before the dance craze begins.


Registration & Prices

Registrations are now CLOSED!

Early Bird Full Pass
100€ / 11.800 RSD
For the first 50 dancers
Full Pass
140€ / 16.500 RSD
  • Three nights of parties
  • Daytime events
  • Taster classes
Party Pass
80€ / 9.500 RSD
  • Three nights of parties
*Note that there is a possibility for RSD prices to change depending on the average exchange rate of the NBS.


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